A talk with Negin Vaziri a Iranian photographer and set designer based in Venice Italy about her solo exhibition

in San Francisco.

martedì 8 giugno 2010

“Veil is obligatory”

Photography, interactive performance

This exhibition doesn’t start, when a visitor stands in front of the installation: already exists. where the veil imposes fusion with the images represent, they enter the picture. Disrupted any point of reference that interprets the outside observer as an eye, he/she who observes, putting on a cover, drops each distinctive trait: man or woman, young or old, blonde, brown, red, yellow or green. The notion of categorizing human is not known, which opens a paradox: every one recognizes themselves in the nakedness of the female figures hanging on the walls, and one actually see themselves without any covering up.

"Veil is obligatory." This exhibition involves a childhood memory from nearly thirty years ago, including scents of the roads, swarms of sounds, and eccentricity of a warning forgotten for too long. After all, it is a journey back home, a rediscovery. With the lightness and curiosity that speak intimately of the female, implying through the reversal game, questioning the matter of obligation. Veiled women, women who reveal their body, women gathered around the simplicity of a daily action. A survey of image-to-image that through the implementation of the meanings, asks loudly: “Do non-respectable body parts exist?” This research goes beyond tracking the boundaries of a population, in the synthesis between the skin and the overshadowed head, the sacredness of each space.

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