A talk with Negin Vaziri a Iranian photographer and set designer based in Venice Italy about her solo exhibition

in San Francisco.

martedì 8 giugno 2010


Negin Vaziri is a photographer and set designer who was born in Iran and studied theatre at the "Cinema and Theatre" University of Tehran. In 1999 she immigrated to Venice (Italy), where she attended the Academy of Fine Arts and studied the entwining between photography and set design.

The dual experience, Italian-Iranian, has allowed her to get into the “heart” of two cinematographic and artistic traditions, stimulating thoughts and cultural contaminations that interact with the same creativity, consequently revealing the possible way for dialogue and mediation.

The following experiences are witnessing of the maturity she gained:

since 2001 she is Advisory Member of Venice’ Artistic League,"New Prisons Building";

since 2001 she is Advisory Member of the Cultural International linguistic Association in Venice;

Since 2002 she has been working as cultural mediator of social politics for the Venice Council Town.

She also volunteers with and contributes to Amnesty International, Gender Equality and One Million Signature Campaigns.

She has held various art’s solo shows and is the recipient of several international awards. In the last 10 years her path has followed a red thread: a research on feminine reality in an artistic and social field.

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