A talk with Negin Vaziri a Iranian photographer and set designer based in Venice Italy about her solo exhibition

in San Francisco.

martedì 8 giugno 2010

Eternity Woman

Body Art, Analogue Photography and Live Performance

The boundaries of a body make it visible. The line marks the distinction between a body and the environment in which it is inserted. The eyes of the observer linger on the white. The sinuosity unravels a string, meaning the return to an original character. It embraces and stresses femininity, and gathers around the hieroglyph of Eternity. It is a representation in black and white, moving from the curvilinear candour intervening to break the uniformity. There is no chromatic variations, only the essential fullness and emptiness on canvas. The oblivion black annuls the details, throws the figures in a depth that has nothing withheld from, only through the white section, which restores their natural relief. Suddenly the pattern is broken: red, blue, yellow, green humanity on the scene. The vivid color variation generates a circular motion. The rhythm is superimposed on the static nature of things placed outside time and space. The theatricality of the dance blends together the fixity of images.

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