A talk with Negin Vaziri a Iranian photographer and set designer based in Venice Italy about her solo exhibition

in San Francisco.

martedì 8 giugno 2010

Crushing Stones

Body Art, Photography and Voice Performance

Visualize a gravel pit: a vast landscape skirted by wind, where only the female voice is audible. Words move through air, physically contrast with gravity. Each image hides the focal point, utilizes emptiness and shadows to sustain the composition.
Shatters of the mountain, stillness of the surrounding, announce the defencelessness of the moment. Dame, disrupted stones, separated from earth that has conceived them, whose bodies photographed by a dramatic touch, changed into an object, representing the grave matter of stage figures.

Women of extreme beauty crystallize a mosaic of shapes. The skin is rigid, with neither color nor movement to revitalize the overall scene, wanting to be suspended. Only light gives depth to make it recognizable. The white painted skin, covers the bodies like a whitewash wall to veil and purify. coarse brushstrokes narrate the stony surface that collects theatricality and analogue photography.

The need to transpose in photography and create interactive, sensory experiences creates a paradox between the reification represented and the participation of the spectator. The abstract composition is represented in the breaking of a flowing. In the narrative, gesture follows gesture, beginning and end meet up, chasing and animating a story, so to oppose the frozen image: the scene is interrupted. Incessant dynamic, intimate expression that leaked from a natural step, here is deliberately silent background and content, without any attachment to life and the protagonists don’t dance, waiting petrified.

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